What is the need to Learn Photography from a professional School?

Professional Photography is one of the most sought after professions of today. To pursue any hobby in future or transform any hobby into a profession in future, one must reach out to institutions and a professional guidance. Learning Photography is not much of a hassle today as there are many photography classes available.

Photography is usually of two types Film Photography and Digital Photography. Film Photography was used in the earlier times way before the evolution of Digital Photography. Ever since the introduction of Digital Photography, Film Photography has been dominated and is not much practiced. Digital Photography is very convenient in terms of time, image quality, portability and much more as compared to the Film Photography.

What can we learn in Digital Photography?

Photoshop- Every image in a professional photography needs to be photo-shopped no matter how little. Any image that is to be posted or printed anywhere has to be added with a little modification. Photoshop corrects the image with features like airbrush, smudge technique, saturation and so many more.
Rules of Photography- Students who attend Photography school are introduced to all the rules and principles. The most important rule of Digital Photography is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds deals with the placement of the subject within the frame. Apart from the rule of thirds, there are other rules like viewpoint, balancing elements, leading lines, background, depth etc. All these rules are taught to the students with details.
Comprehending the camera- All the photography schools work primarily on teaching the easy handling of the different cameras. Every camera has a different make, created differently and are also to be handled differently. Similarly, every camera has more than one way to shoot. In the photography classes, the students are taught the technical know-how of dealing with different kinds of professional cameras.
A photography course is all about bringing perfection to the photography technique of an individual. No matter how good a photographer you are, if you do not have a degree in photography, your profile would not be considered. Hence, learning photography through a school or institute can help you get yourself a degree and land yourself your dream job.

There are different photography courses like PG diploma in Professional Photography, Diploma in Professional Photojournalism, Short duration Photography Workshops etc.