What are the benefits of learning DSLR Photography from an institute?

DSLR stands for the Digital Single Lens Reflex. DSLR cameras consist of features like focus screen, condenser lens, Reflex mirror, shutter, lens, pentaprism, eyepiece/viewfinder and image sensor. These are the features that make the DSLR cameras different from other regular cameras.

This is the generation where the DSLR cameras have taken over almost entirely and people are taking the DSLR Photography as a profession every year more than the previous one. There are so many institutes and courses that teach DSLR photography today which is a great opportunity for the aspiring photographers who want to learn all the nitty gritties and get a degree on photography.

Given below are some of the best DSLR Photography Courses in India-

Basic Course

The Basic Course is a two week course where the students who have just taken up photography and are beginners, will be introduced to the basics of professional photography. The students will be given a thorough learning of the basic theory of photography and other fundamentals. During this course, the aspirants will be taught how to develop a creative approach towards capturing images with impacts.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is a two month course which offers 16 classes. This course also focuses on introducing the beginners with professional learning. Besides, this is a very comprehensive course of photography that deals with every aspect. Techniques that it focuses on are lighting, composition, exposure portraiture, panorama, HDR, Photo editing, time lapse etc.

One year Diploma

This course is a one year full time diploma course that requires the students to attend classes for five days a week. In this course, the students will get the opportunity to learn from award-winning photographers. This course includes various kinds of photography like fashion photography, wildlife photography, wedding photography and many more. Through this course, the students will get to experience practical learning as well.

Specialization Course

This is the course for such photographers who have already had the basic training and knowledge of photography and lighting and want to have some expertise and specialization in a particular field. This course is for those who want to take photography as a profession in the long run.

These were some of the courses which are available in India apart from other courses. People, who want to take photography more than a hobby and make a living out of it, must go for one of the first three courses that are mentioned.

During the Photography courses, students are taught mainly through Digital Photography Tutorials. There are although theoretical teachings that are given as well, but they focus mainly on handing the cameras to the students and letting them explore.